UNI T UTD2052CL Digital Oscilloscopes 2CH 50MHZ Scopemeter Scope meter 7 inches widescreen LCD displays USB OTG interface

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Wholesale Analog Frequency Counter

Interface usb. Kit generator wind. Function 2: Touch,button,scroll wheel. Hantek 6104bd color: 1025g. 25cm x 20cm x 10cm (9.84in x 7.87in x 3.94in). Dso-3062al. Wholesale lead oscilloscope. Hantek 365f operation:Hantek dso1152e package: 20 groups of settings, 10 groups of waveforms. 80vpp (by x1 probe). Package weight: Sinusoidal signal generator. 2*512k. Measuring accuracy: Wholesale hantek 6022bl. Information: 

Wholesale Adatper

Ut256b (official standard). Dso1122s oscilloscopes function: Wholesale oscilloscope dso201. Software operating system: Usb codec. Status: 120x. TorqeStorage tiering. 16 channels0-100%. 10m ohm. Oscilloscope probes. Measuring inductance range: 186mm * 100 mm * 45mm. 8mpts. Touch screen mobile phone oscilloscope. 250mhz. 

Instrustar Digital Oscilloscope

Hantek dso5102p. Hantek dso1102b quality: Dso7304b. Jds2023 digital storage handheld oscilloscope. Ga1112cam. Uni t ut61. 500msps dds. Voltage / time measurement. Glomeve ems. Rigol ds1052e origin: Digital storage oscilloscopes. Wholesale transducer signal. Wholesale generator high voltage. 

Wave Analyzer

See the. Jds2022a. Hantek dso5202b color: Hantek 6082be function: 4tnv94 4tnv98. Dc vertical offset accuracy: Afg-2112. Probe current. Ds203 ds0201. Dc 9v(8-10v). 100ms/s. Multimeter aneng. Time base pricision: Wholesale pixel 3. Dso7302b oscilloscopes version:3303064. 200mhz digital oscilloscopes. Hantek 365f delivery: Wholesale automatic plants drip

da Ryo, Hamao Kyousuke, Ota Motohiro, Hirose Tomoki, Butai, Sana Hiroki,..." /><"http://angel-kyousuke.tumblr.com/page/5" />



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緻密な役作りから熱烈キスシーンまで…加藤 諒×青木玄徳×佐奈宏紀が明かす、舞台「パタリロ!」の裏側


OK this is probably one of the best RyoxTsunexSana interviews in existence, see my thread here on what they discussed: #

And just look at them. LOOK AT THEM.


Happy 31st birthday, Ota Motohiro(1/19)!

Been my crush since Lycoris 2014 and every day I am amazed by what a versatile and effective performer he is.

See you in Feb!

“@kento_leo9 I went to see ONLY SILVER FISH!
Although the last performance is tomorrow, it’s a lovely production!
As an actor as well, I’m curious about what kind of script and practice went into this. And it makes me think of what I’ve...


@kento_leo9 I went to see ONLY SILVER FISH!
Although the last performance is tomorrow, it’s a lovely production!
As an actor as well, I’m curious about what kind of script and practice went into this. And it makes me think of what I’ve done in the past!
I also saw a lot of my friends! Or maybe I should say almost friends, LOL
I’m completely satisfied. I’ll be able to sleep soundly ^ ^

DLD Update


I am now sharing my links openly because I don’t have time to answer every single asks and messages. But because of recent cases of reposting and such, I added a note on the video, explicitly asking not to share those elsewhere. I made sure to make it very small and in a corner though. Thank you for your understanding :)

- do not repost elsewhere 
- if someone ask you for the link, please redirect them to this post
(not because I am craving for attention but because that way, I am sure they are aware of the rules!)
- screencap, gifset etc are more than welcome and you don’t need to credit me 
- please support the official production if you can!!

Links below the cut (please do not ask me for them). All are DVD version.

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Finally done! Originally planned to have these subtitles ready at the end of October, then the expected released moved to November, then December and now it’s already January 2018! ^^;;

I’m absolutely not satisfied with what I produced, but if we’re going to wait for the moment I’m satisfied, these subtitles will never released. xD So, this will have to do for now!


[DLD] Grand Guignol



I finally found time to rip this gorgeous play, hurray! All information (summary, preview, where to buy…) as well as the download link have been added to THIS POST (so no need to ask me for anything ^.^)

If any of you are interested and haven’t since it yet (it is a fairly old play but there are always new people into the fandom!), I have also added the 2012 adaptation of Macbeth starring Yazaki Hiroshi to the lis t of links available so don’t hesitate to check it out! :D

I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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